A Digital Clone Of Your Roads
To Optimize Intervention Timing.


|  Your dynamic digital twin

The INSPECH dashboard becomes a digital twin of your road network, allowing you to create, publish and share interactive road condition reports. To facilitate overall condition assessments, individual road segments are visualized with detailed information, including main classes of defects with their precise GPS coordinates and severity ratings.


|  Know your roads, know when to act

INSPECH rapidly analyzes the road surface and classifies defects according to local standards. Then, fundamental insights are projected onto an interactive digital map with road sections colored red, yellow or green according to condition thresholds. It's that simple.

INSPECH provides road owners with:

  • Graphical management information in an interactive dashboard
  • An assessment of road condition at defect level or by road segments
  • Ability to make critical decisions on maintenance priorities and funding allocations
  • Basis for making preventative and rehabilitation interventions at the right time
  • Means of extending the life of road assets and defer reconstruction costs

|  Understand rate of deterioration and predict future condition

Inspection data of the same road segments at different frequencies, enables analysis of deterioration rates over time and predictions of future condition for proactive maintenance planning.

What we see is what you get

INSPECH makes it quick and easy to understand the condition of your road network and provides insights to determine the optimal maintenance intervention point.


|  Insights

How digital technology drives significant changes in road inspection


There are many reasons why road inspection is a vital task, of which cost and safety are perhaps the most important.

3 practical business cases in road inspections


In this e-book we present three case studies that explain how INSPECH removes common challenges in road inspection.

Automated Digital Road Inspection


Read how INSPECH is specifically adapted to road authority needs and how it benefits end-users such as governments.


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