Working together is a
two-way street.

|  Merging domain knowledge and future technologies
Specifically adapted to road authority needs

INSPECH is the result of merging the domain knowledge of UNIHORN and the technology of BRAINCREATORS.


BRAINCREATORS allows expert human inspectors to clone their knowledge in a digital counterpart and share the resulting digital inspector with others as a software service.

Faster, more consistent and cost-efficient inspections make a big impact on sustainability, maintainability and public safety by efficiently monitoring our environment and effectively alerting us to issues.

Moreover, BRAINCREATORS directly impacts the future of work by offering intelligent automation solutions to solve the growing problem of human domain expert scarcity.

BRAINCREATORS augments the performance of human inspectors by automating the repetitive components of their work, allowing them to focus on the interpretation of inspection results.


UNIHORN is committed to a sustainable and safe infrastructure and public space, now and in the future. They research, design and advise
with an overarching view and clear vision.

Working with more than 85 researchers and consultants they work for national government organizations, companies and private parties.

UNIHORN is specialized in:

  • Asset management
  • Geodata & monitoring
  • Environment
  • Design and pavements

|  We are looking to expand our ecosystem
Join us and scale your business

We work with infrastructure companies performing road inspections to resell automated road inspection as a service in local markets.

Does your client portfolio include road authorities, road construction companies, councils and any form of government? Become our partner and rapidly scale your business at lower costs.

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  • Get faster, more consistent & reliable results;
  • Fully compliant with road assessment standards;
  • Share reports with ease in a cloud-based SaaS environment;
  • Inspect more roads in less time;
  • Interact with inspection results in an online viewer;
  • Export results in standard formats (ESRI Shapefile, XLS) online;
  • Reduce road maintenance costs and maintain road safety.

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