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INSPECH views thousands of kilometres of road footage. Every inch on every lane is carefully examined at high speed.



INSPECH recognizes a wide variety of defects, deterioration and anomalies, while keeping track of their exact location.



INSPECH processes the detections to generate interactive reports, facilitating decision-making for long-term management of roads.

|   The technology behind INSPECH
From inspection to reporting

INSPECH is a highly accurate and consistent Digital Inspector that takes over repetitive human inspection tasks.

INSPECH rapidly analyzes captured video images of road surfaces and classifies detected defects according to local standards. All insights obtained can then easily be viewed and edited. Your experts only have to perform a last-mile check for verification.

The INSPECH Viewer is easy-to-use, feature-rich software that allows inspectors to share interactive reports with their end-users.

INSPECH significantly reduces the workload of your human road inspectors and reduces the time that inspections take from several weeks to merely hours.

Watch our video for a visualization of the entire process. You can also request a demo. We look forward to personally taking you on a step-by-step tour through our end-to-end solution while we answer all your questions.

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After the road is scanned with specialized camera equipment, images with GPS coordinates are imported into INSPECH and prepared for processing.


INSPECH accurately and consistently analyzes the images rapidly and classifies the detected damages according to the standards applicable in your country.


Online geospatial analysis provides immediate insights into the condition of the inspected area. After the last mile check interactive reports can now be shared.


INSPECH reduces the workload of your experts by 90%

|   The INSPECH Viewer


The state of the inspected area is visible at a glance on the digital map. INSPECH colors road sections according to maintenance deadlines and plots individual damage on the map. The dashboard offers a complete insight into the state of the acreage, the type of damage, the damage coordinates, the magnitude of the damage, and the severity classes.


In addition, INSPECH also plots orthographic images on the map so that you can view actual photos of specific road sections from behind your desk. The inspection results can be exported as a shapefile as well as reports in .csv/.pdf format. The scanned images and inspection results can be viewed in a browser application at any time.

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  • Get faster, more consistent & reliable results;
  • Fully compliant with road assessment standards;
  • Share reports with ease in a cloud-based SaaS environment;
  • Inspect more roads in less time;
  • Interact with inspection results in an online viewer;
  • Export results in standard formats (ESRI Shapefile, XLS) online;
  • Reduce road maintenance costs and maintain road safety.

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